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“So here’s the thing… » It’s official…

“So here’s the thing…

It’s official…

Filed under: Uncategorized — September 8, 2007 @ 11:02 am

…I’m a substitute punching bag for the students of Roseville Community Schools. LOL! … once I get a call, that is. I’m on the list now, so we’ll see. The Administration bldg starts their “sub calls” at 5:30am! Yikes!

I was actually dumb enough to specify 7th-12th grade as a preference. It’ll be harder because they start school at 7:40am, and my kids don’t even get up till 7:30am (I’ll have to leave by 7:15-ish.) Which means Jason will have to get the kids up and fed and dressed by 8am for my friend, Amber, to pick them up and drive them to school w/ her kids. HOWEVER, it is much easier to deal w/ a group of kids for only an hour-ish instead of a full 7 hour day. High school kids only have that one class/teacher once a day, which means if a group of kids is just absolutely making me want to pull out my hair, I can take comfort in counting down the minutes till they leave my sight! LOL

I made a couple stops yesterday at the High School and both Jr.Highs to get some maps of the building layout so I won’t have to wander around like an idiot on the first day… or not wander around too much.

The secretaries at the H.S. just looked at me, handed me a map, and went back to work as I walked out. Just crossing the hallway to leave was like crossing a freeway. The kids didn’t stop for anything, (it was between periods) and some of those boys are well over 6′ tall!! I’m officially scared to death. I told Jason I can’t believe I used to work w/ that age group when I was 22 and actually felt like a grown-up in comparison… all confident and motherly. LOL! And now I’m 33 and found myself staring w/ my mouth open thinking, “dear God, what have I gotten myself into?” This’ll be interesting.

 The J.H.S (near the H.S.) was awesome, though! The secretaries were sooo nice. One of them walked over and asked what I needed and when I told her I was just looking to get a map of the layout of the school, she asked me if the admin bldg people had sent me over. “No,” I said, “this is just my personality I guess.” So she starts calling people over to introduce me saying, “isn’t this wonderful! We’ve never had substitutes introduce themselves before” etc. etc. She even introduced me to the principal who was also very very nice. He was telling me about how many staff members they have and stuff, and I was telling him about the many many other female subs I’d met this last week and how they all requested elementary ed. He was hilarious; He crouched his neck down as if he was looking side to side for someone and yelled, “CHICKENS!” I told Jason later that I wish I could just live there and not have to sub anywhere else.

Then I went on to the other J.H.S. (near my house). It’s the bigger of the two. The secretaries there treated me like I was asking to see their underpants! They wouldn’t even let me see a map because of “security issues.” And then they started talking like I wasn’t there, all annoyed, saying, “we’ll have to call the principal down to walk her around cause she can’t just go thru the halls…blah blah blah.” So there I am trying to get their attention and clear up the misunderstanding saying how I’m a new hire who’s just trying to be pro-active about the process before the first day etc. etc…

“You get a sub folder when you get here.”

“I know. I was just hoping to introduce myself and get a map of where some of the classrooms are or the location of the gym and cafeteria, that sort of thing.”

“Yes, but you’ll get a folder when you get here. We can’t just have you going thru the halls now because we’ve had security issues.” (At least this time she’s saying it to my face.)

“Believe me, I completely understand. I have children in school, and I’d be upset if they just let a stranger walk the halls, but honestly, I just wanted to say hi, get a map and go.”

“Well when you get here the first day (great, we’re back to that again) you’ll sign in and get a sub badge and a folder and that will explain everything.”

“Ok…well…thank you for the information. Have a great day…” (You have got to be KIDDING ME!)

Unbelievably bad experience! I left there feeling all dirty, like I was asking if I could molest a couple children on my way out. Sheeesh! It’s just a map people!! I was definitely not expecting that. The first day there is going to be especially uncomfortable. Woo Hoo!

Anyway, I’m nervous but glad to have something to do while the kids are in school. Our house is pretty tiny, and you can only clean it so much before you sit around crazy. Plus, it will add to my prayer life since I’ll have to constantly ask God for help w/ my confidence and composure…kids can smell fear. LOL! I keep reminding myself that when I put in the resume, I asked God to only let me have the job if HE knew I could do it, since He knows me better than I do.  :o)  ….And here I am…

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  1. Jay:

    Dude (yes, I just called my sister “dude”), I know exactly how you feel. My first year coaching varsity was similar. Teenage girls are experts at making you feel this [ ] small if they don’t approve of what you’re doing. Fortunately for me, I could smash a volleyball at their heads and BAM — instant respect. ;-P

    (You’ll have to come up with some other way, though.)

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