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“So here’s the thing… » Ho hum

“So here’s the thing…

Ho hum

Filed under: Uncategorized — September 21, 2006 @ 8:29 am

Can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written here. So I guess I’m going to pull a “Deb” and just say hi, etc. etc…

My kids started school a few weeks ago. Anyone who knows us knows that Keegan has always been nothing but a blessing to his teachers. We’ve never had to worry about him causing the slightest disruption or putting anything less than 100% effort into his school work…

Devyn, on the other hand, has more of a stubborn streak. On her second day of school I sent a note to the teacher explaining how we’re very aware of how stubborn she can be, that we’re working hard on making sure she understands the importance of making good choices and obeying her teacher, and that I’d appreciate her (Ms. Sharpe) letting me know if she has any problems at all with Devyn.

Sooo, I go to pick her up on that second day and there’s a note from the teacher explaining how Devyn had a little trouble cooperating during “circle time.”  Jason and I decided to stick the note into her “school keepsake book” so, as Jason puts it, “we can laugh at it later or use it as state evidence.” LOL!

We tried the grounding her to her room routine, but that just seemed to provoke crying, not changed behavior. So I decided to try the positive reinforcement path. Each day that the kids (Keegan, too, since it would be mean to leave him out) stay on green, they get a “coupon” from us. The school uses green (good behavior), yellow (warning) and red (consequence - principal, call home etc.). In kindergarten they add the color orange before red because that age group needs a little more time to understand the system and learn school-appropriate behavior. The kids collect coupons for good behavior and other special things like A’s on a test, being a good helper to the teacher, behaving in Tap class, playing nicely with a sibling… that stuff. They collect the coupons in a box and can turn them in for prizes. Ten coupons gets them a trip to Dairy Queen, 15 is a trip to the movies, and 20 is a special alone-time dinner with mom or dad at the restaurant of their choice.

It’s been GREAT! Devyn’s only been on yellow once and not because she was being disrespectful. She was busy talking to new kids on her 4th day of school and apparently lots of other kids got on yellow, too. Ms. Sharpe pointed out that the kids are still getting used to each other and trying to make new friends so it’s to be expected. But she’s been on green ever since. AND she’s even started putting more effort into her work. Keegan’s been pretty excited about it, too… earning coupons for staying on green (like usual), aceing tests on math and spelling, etc. I even sent the coupon book to Grandma’s last weekend when they visited so that she could decide if their behavior earned them any. (Got 1 each.)  It’s so nice to seem them actually strive for excellence rather than just trying to stay out of trouble. There’s a big difference after all. Right?  :-)

So what else?…. Oh! I’ve started a new book. It’s actually part of a 3 book series (which I LOVE because I’ll have 2 more books to look forward too without searching for a new one.)  It’s a christian fiction book called Black. So far it’s pretty interesting. Lots of twists, and I’m only at chapter 5! I’ll let you know how it goes.

So, wow! that’s my “hello.” Didn’t realize how long this would be or how many darn “apostrophe’s” there’d be. LOL!

Sorry it took me so long to write. Thanks for taking the time to read this great big long entry.


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  1. Deb:

    Bout time. Geesh.

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