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Poor Chloe

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My poor cat has been on constant “high alert” for the last 3 hours. Somehow, maybe in the few minutes it took me and the kids to open the door and come in from an outing to the show, several tiny little gnat-like bugs flew into the house. Now, you’d have to see how crazy Chloe gets when just one little fly has the misfortune of landing inside the house… She’ll spend hours patiently waiting for the thing to buzz within a few feet of her and then will somehow hurl all of her 15 lbs into the air and catch the fly in her mouth! Then she’ll proceed to bat it around the carpet for a few seconds, put it back in her mouth to bite it just slightly, then release the poor wounded creature back into the air only to repeat the torment like a sick game. (Yes, I’ve actually watched her do this TWICE, I’m ashamed to say, until my husband finally took the fly away from Chloe, chiding us both for “being mean.” Is it so bad that I was just a little bit proud of her determination and ferocity? lol!) She’s actually quite the little huntress. We’ve even awoken a few times to a dead centipede on the living room carpet with all of it’s legs removed! …maybe she just chewed up one side and down the other like an ear of corn. LOL! Ohhh that’s gross… sorry…

Anyway, now the poor thing has been pacing the living room, every so often stopping suddenly to glare up at some part of the wall or ceiling with that “I dare you” look. I’m just impressed that she can actually SEE the tinsy things. Watch, tomorrow I’ll come downstairs and find a disgusting little pile of near-microscopic dead bugs proudly displayed on the kitchen floor or something.

She’s lucky she’s so darn adorable.


  1. Jay:

    “She’s lucky she’s so darn adorable.”

    I say that about Deb all the time.

  2. Deb:

    Hey! I don’t eat flies!

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