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My friend, Ruth, visited my church this morning along with her dad. I was a greeter at the door and of course had to introduce everyone (I’m surprised at just how many people I actually know now) to “my oldest and dearest friend…one of the first christian friends I made when I got saved.”

The praise and worship was lead by Gabe this morning, so that’s always fun. And the message was, of course, PERFECT and wonderful! LOL I LOVE MY CHURCH SO MUCH! I feel so settled and safe and clear the moment I walk thru the doors. I love that I can stand as a greeter and say, “Hi Sarah, I just saw Vito go up to the balcony w/ the kids” or “Hi Maury, you going to the men’s dinner friday? Jason’s going.” or “Hey Kathy, what did you think about that study on Rahab?”

I am, or rather WE ARE, so incredibly blessed to have found this church home. It’s funny cause one of our most colorful crazy straws is Judy, who, since God has a sense of humor, became my greeter-partner in January. She’s actually very nice and almost completely normal when you have a conversation with her. LOL! You gotta love the way the Lord works. I probably would have never sat and talked to her if we hadn’t been thrown into service together. She’s one of those stereo-typical pentecostals you think of when you hear the P word….lots of wailing and speaking in tongues and dancing and stuff. She just REALLY REALLY loves God, and she was raised penecostal and that’s just the way she expresses herself. (Warning to any of our Baptist friends who visit.) hee hee ;)

Anyway, Praise God for another glorious and awesome day! And I am so glad Ruth was there to share it with us. Thank you, Lord, for my friend.

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  1. Deb:

    I’m Bapticostal! :-)

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