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2008 January 18 by Daddy

There’s our government, and then there’s the government of Hong Kong, which is facing a $13.5 billion surplus (yes, I said surplus). They refuse to lower taxes across the board, but plan to give some of the surplus back to the people in the form of one-off tax cuts and grants. Well, that’s swell of [...]

Paying for the Pipeline
2008 January 17 by Daddy

Time Warner is going to try charging for cable internet usage based on the amount of data one downloads, in Beaumont, TX. There’s no pricing or tiers mentioned in the article, so it’s a little difficult to gauge how this might affect someone. If you’ve never had a high-speed connection, how would you know what [...]

2008 January 17 by Daddy

I can’t even wrap my mind around this. Merrill Lynch announced a fourth quarter loss of 10 billion dollars, which comes on the heels of Citigroup Inc posting nearly the same loss a few days earlier. A ten BILLION dollar loss? Seriously?

2008 January 1 by Daddy

Happy New Year! So some of you know (or have seen firsthand) that I grew a “playoff beard” during volleyball season. I stopped shaving sometime around mid-October, and told the girls I wouldn’t shave until we lost in the postseason. As it would happen (and as readers are aware), we didn’t lose until the state [...]